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Trimble Spectra Precision GL720 Dual Grade Steep Slope Laser

Trimble Spectra Precision GL720 Dual Grade Steep Slope Laser

Trimble Spectra Precision GL720 Dual Grade Steep Slope Laser

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Trimble Spectra Precision GL720 Dual Grade Steep Slope Laser

This unit comes with the standard 5/8" x 11tpi mount, we have quick-release and 3 1/2" x 8tpi adapters available for purchase. We are NOT a drop-ship enterprise like the other guys - we have items IN STOCK and ready for same day shipping.  Certified calibration on every laser before shipment!

The GL720 is a fast set-up and easy-to-use, one-person dual axis grade laser transmitter, suitable for machine control applications,  that is accurate long range up to a 900 meter (3,000 foot) diameter. and has a grade range of -0.5 to 25% for steep slope work. The GL720 is a great choice for general construction, site preparation, road construction, trenching and pipe-laying applications.  It can be used with rod-mounted or machine-mounted receiver.

The GL720 package includes the Spectra Precision® Laser HL700 Laserometer, a highly versatile laser receiver for basic and advanced leveling and aligning applications designed for general, concrete and site preparation contractors. The HL700 is an easy-to-use rod-mounted tool that accurately measures elevations across the site, is ideal for use with any rotating transmitter. and features a digital readout of elevation that provides a numeric display of +/- 5 cm (+/- 2 inches). The readout is displayed on the large front and rear LCD's and shows exactly how far the elevation is from on-grade. Accurate measurements can be made without moving the rod clamp, saving time and increasing productivity. Selectable units of measure can be displayed meeting your application - mm, cm, ft, in or fractional inches.
CR600 Receiver:

The Spectra Precision® Laser CR600 Receiver is ideal for contractors doing both site prep and general construction. The CR600 can be either rod or machine mounted, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Using the magnetic mount, the CR600 receiver is easily moved between backhoes, small excavators, box blades or skid steer loaders. With such a high degree of flexibility, the CR600 needs to be tough enough for any job.


  • General construction
  • Site preparation
  • Trenching
  • Pipe laying
  • Road construction
  • Machine control

Include on sale:

  • GL720 transmitter
  • CR600 with Rod Clamp & Magnetic Mount OR HL700 Receiver with Rod Clamp ( You can choose)
  • NiHM Battery Pack
  • Charger
  • Manuals for Transmitter & Receiver
  • Sector Blinds
  • 12v Cord
  • Hard case.

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