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Leica Scanstation C10

Leica Scanstation C10

Leica Scanstation C10

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Leica Scanstation C10

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Warranty: 6 months

The Leica ScanStation C10's Smart X-Mirror, which can operate in either oscillating or rotating mode, eliminates the need for double window scans. Capable of scanning up to 50,000 data points per second, the ScanStation C10 can scan sites and structures up to 10 times faster than the Leica ScanStation 2. By using the ScanStation C10, surveyors can cut field time by 50% or more, enabling them to bid more competitively and increase profit margins, says Michael Harvey, Product Marketing Manager, Scanning at Leica Geosystems.

In addition, the Leica ScanStation C10 enables surveyors to produce a more accurate and detailed survey: The ScanStation C10 captures overhead, vertical, horizontal, and sub-level geometry over a full field of view (360 X 270 degrees), with a pointing accuracy of as little as 1mm. By eliminating the need for reflectors, HDS™ increases worker safety when scanning structures such as towers, bridges, and tunnels that have dangerous or difficult-to-reach areas.

The Leica ScanStation C10 is a fully integrated, cordless system with onboard batteries for extended field usage. The scanner has an easy-to-learn, surveyor-friendly onboard interface with high-resolution, color touch-screen and integrated, high-resolution zoom camera/video. A 5M-pixel CMOS digital image sensor captures both single frames and continuous video.

The ScanStation C10 features a dual-axis compensator, laser plummet, and rotating horizontal turret for quick setup over a known point. It can interface with standard survey accessories such as TPS batteries, total station prisms, and even the Leica GPS SmartAntenna. The ScanStation C10's onboard software makes users even more efficient, and the internal hard disk eliminates the need to attach a laptop.

CCP Basic for Scan station C10,C5 (1 year) for a single Scanstation C10, includes :
- Access to Leica HDS scanner support hotline
- Firmware and Cyclone SCAN manitenance (update)

GEV230, AC power supply for scanstation C10 scanner requires GEV97 power cable.

Unprecedented Versatility

    Use targets, traverse, resection or free-station registration and ‘geo-referencing’ methods for complete flexibility
    Use pre-defined scan settings to start scans by one touch operation quickly and efficiently.

Major Benefits

    Easily measure to any surface in any condition
    Use for all exterior and interior projects
    Tailor-made solution with scalable upgrade concept

Valuable Cost Savings

    Future safe investment through incremental upgradeability
    Best value for money
    Intuitive, easy to use onboard software

Includes on sale :

  • Leica ScanStation C10
  • HDSC10, Leica scanstation C10 scanghead
  • GVP645m Scanstation C10 transport container
  • (4) GEB242, Battery Int, Li-con 14.8V/5.8Ah
  • GLK212, Basic charger
  • Daisy Chaincable for basic charger
  • Car-Adapter cable for basic car charger
  • GEV228, scanstation C10 data cable
  • GHM008, scanner height meter
  • GHT196, Distance holder for height meter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • CD-ROm Cyclone
  • Scansation C10 user manual
  • Cyclone Scan license for Scan-Laptop

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