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HST-3000C DSL Tester HST-3000 ADSLR

HST-3000C DSL Tester HST-3000 ADSLR

HST-3000C DSL Tester HST-3000 ADSLR

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Improving the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of DSL services
With a market primed for broadband, operators are rapidly deploying DSL in their networks to deliver multimedia services over the existing copper wire in the local loop. Traditionally, one set of technicians performed individualized tests that qualified the copper while another set conducted DSL services testing and verification. In todays market, however, operators can no longer afford the time, capital expense, and labor costs to conduct tests separately and incrementally. Furthermore, test solutions must generate results that have a strategic impact throughout an operators entire organization. This may include building customer loyalty by locating and fixing problems quickly, improving profitability by performing more tests with less staff, or leveraging workforce productivity by automating processes, methods, and procedures.


    * A combined tester for Copper and DSL testing
    * Lower repeat rates with automated close out tests, scripting/pass-fail tests, and back office integration
    * Modular hardware and software architecture is flexible and easily upgraded
    * Laptop/PC integration via RS-232, USB, or wireless for easy results transfer
    * Intuitive, easy-to-use GUI, lightweight, rugged and water resistant

Instrument Interface Specifications
    * Dual TIP/RING and Ground POTS/Copper: Color-coded, shrouded 2mm mini-banana jacks
    * ADSL: 8-pin modular
    * 10/100 BT Ethernet jack: 8-pin modular
    * Serial port: DB9 female via cable (DCE)
    * USB Host
    * USB Device
    * Bluetooth short-range wireless

ADSL Standards
    * ANSI T1.413
    * ITU G.992.
    * 1 Annex A
    * ADSL over POTS
    * (G.DMT)
    * G.992.2 (G.Lite)
    * Cisco CAP

General Specifications
    * Ruggedness: Survives 3-ft drop to concrete on all sides
    * Water-resistance: Splash proof: may be used in heavy rain
    * Language: English
    * Keypad: Typical 12-button keyboard

Physical Specifications
    * Size (H x W x D): 9.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 in
    * Weight: 2.7 lb with battery
    * Operating temperature: 22F to 122F
    * Storage temperature: 40F to 150F
    * Battery life: 10 hrs. typical usage
    * Charging time: 7 hours from full discharge to full charge
    * Operating humidity: 10% to 80% relative humidity
    * Storage humidity: 10% to 95% relative humidity
    * Display: 1/4 VGA monochrome transflective, 3.8-in diagonal (readable in direct sunlight)

Sale Includes:
    * JDSU HST-3000C
          o FTP/HTTP Throughput
          o IP Suite
          o Resistive Fault Locate
          o User Scripting
          o Special Analysis
          o Time Domain Reflectometer
          o Transmission Impairment Analysis
          o Wide-Band TIMS
    * Acterna HST-2500/3000 SIM CUADSLR Module
    * Test Leads Set
    * Battery Pack
    * AC Adapter/Charger
    * Power Cord
    * User Manual On CD-ROM
    * Carrying Case

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