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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector MFD350B

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector MFD350B

Ultrasonic Flaw Detector MFD350B

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Features :

From the main menu, and shortcut keys and digital design of rotating shuttle wheel, easy operation and advanced technology.
Digital true color LCD display, select the background color according to the environment and waveform color, LCD brightness
Set free. High security cell block for easy removal, you can separate off-line charging, large capacity high performance lithium-ion battery module of the instrument continuously extended to more than eight hours; light a small portable instrument, with one hand that you can control, durable, lead the industry trend.

Main technical parameters :

-Detection range: (0 ~ 6000) mm
-Frequency: (0.5 ~ 10) MHz
-Velocity: (1000 ~ 9999) m / s
-Dynamic Range: 32dB
-Vertical Linearity Error: 3%
-Horizontal linear error: 0.2%
-Resolution:> 40dB (5P14)
-Sensitivity margin: 60dB (deep 200mm2 flat bottom hole)
-Digital inhibition: (0 to 80)%, does not affect the linearity and gain
-Electrical noise level: 10%
-Probe type: single probe, double crystal probe, penetration probe
-Gate: the door into the waves, loss of wave door; single gate reading, reading dual gate
-Alarm: beep alarm, LED light alarm
-Power Supply: DC (DC) 9V; lithium continuously for more than 6 to 8 hours
-Dimensions: 263 170 61 (mm)
-Temperature: (-10 ~ 50)
-Relative Humidity: (20 ~ 95)% RH

Note: The above indicators are in the probe frequency is 2.5MHz, full-wave detection method for the case measured.

Zoom to receive :
-Hardware real-time sampling: 10-bit AD converter sampling speed 160MHz, high fidelity waveform
-Detection mode: positive half wave, negative half-wave, full wave, radio frequency detector
-Filter band (0.5 ~ 10) MHz, according to the probe frequency automatic matching, no manual settings.
-Gate reading: single gate and double gate reading means optional; peak readings within the gate
-Gain: Gain the total volume of 110dB, set 0,0.1 dB, 2dB, 6dB step value, the unique fully automated by
-Gain adjustment and scanning beneficial features that make testing quick and accurate.


Detection function :

-Peak Memory: real-time to retrieve the highest wave defects, record the maximum defect
-value: Straight Probe forging inspection identify flaws automatically calculated after the highest waves, showing flaws equivalent size
-Defect location: real time defect levels, the depth (vertical), sound path location
-Quantitative defects: defects equivalent dB value of real-time display
Defect characterization: The echo envelope waveform, to facilitate human experience to judge
-Surface correction: parts for surface flaw detection, real-time display defects in circumferential position
-DAC / AVG: automatic generation of the curve, sampling points without restriction, and for compensation and correction. Gain curve with the automatic float, simply repeating process automatically extended, automatically move with the delay. AVG can display any aperture curve.
-Crack altimetry: the use of endpoint diffraction waves to automatically measure, calculate crack height.
-Door broadening: Zoom echo details, easy to echo analysis
-Dynamic record: record real-time dynamic waveform testing, storage, playback
-Waveform freeze: freeze the waveform on the screen, easy to defect analysis
-B-scan: Real-time scanning, cross-section display can show defects in the workpiece shape, the detection results more intuitive.

Transmit pulse :
-Pulse amplitude: low, medium and high-grade selection for a wide range of probe
-Pulse width: fixed width, non-adjustable.
-Probe Damping: 100, 200, 400 selectable sensitivity and resolution to meet the requirements of the different work
-Work: a single probe, dual probe, penetration testing

Detection range :
Zero interface incident 6000mm (steel, longitudinal waves), can be adjusted continuously

Gate alarm :
Door, door width, door height adjustable; B gate can choose to set the alarm or loss of waves into the wave of alarm; gate beeps and LED lights (LED lights in the noisy environment, the alarm noise is very effective) alarm and shut down.

Data Storage :
Channel 100 group testing parameters can be pre-adjusted all kinds of combinations of probe and instrument parameters, free to set the industry testing standards; can store 1000 flaw echo signals and parameters for storage, read out and transmitted via the USB interface.

Real-time clock :
Real-time testing date, time, track record, and record storage.

Communication Interface :
USB2.0 high speed transmission interface communication

Battery Module :
High-capacity lithium battery module, online charging and offline charging two charging methods to facilitate the testing personnel.

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