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Innox-x Alpha 2000 Handheld XRF Analyzer

Innox-x Alpha 2000 Handheld XRF Analyzer

Innox-x Alpha 2000 Handheld XRF Analyzer

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Enos portable copper alloy analyzer (Innov-X) is now the most advanced portable alloy analysis system by Innov-X Systems, the United States produced. Innov-X Systems is specialized in the production and manufacture of general-purpose and high-performance portable X-ray fluorescence analyzer (XRF), the worlds leading companies. Alpha Series Analyzer is the the smallest analysis fastest, most versatile, most accurate reliability of material identification (PMI) and confirmed portable multipurpose handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer on the market today, the analyzer applicable to any place, so as to ensure the quality of materials to ensure that the material is non-radioactive, several common alloy analyzed the test of time for 20 seconds. A quick analysis continued testing is 2-3 seconds. The analyzer weight and light (1.6 kg), simple operation, one-touch button to work long hours without fatigue, applicable to any place of -10 C to +50 C. The analyzer with a pistol grip, and may extend the probe, and thus can be used the alloy material of the probe inside the pipes, the weld flange and other usual difficult to reach position.

Standard alloy elements: 21 standard elements Ti, V, Cr, Mn, of Fe, of Co, of Ni, of Cu, of Zn, of Zr, of Nb, Mo, and of Hf, W, Ta, and Re, Pb, Ag, Sn,, Bi,, Tweaks Sb ; 5 advanced elements Cd, Au, Pt, Pd & Se. Copper alloy analyzer INNOV-X ALPHA-2000 standard configuration elements can also increase or replaced.

Alloy family: 1. Ferroalloy series: stainless steel, chrome / molybdenum alloy steel, low alloy steel, tool just; 2. Nickel-base alloy series: nickel alloys, nickel / cobalt superalloy; 3. Cobalt-based alloy series: 4. Titanium matrix alloy series; copper-based series: bronze, brass, copper-nickel alloy; 6 high-temperature alloys: molybdenum tungsten alloy; 7 alloy; 8. The mixed alloy series.

Alpha Series analyzer non-isotope-ray tube, to provide fast and accurate analysis of data. The analyzer by micro-X-ray tube and high resolution detector, it is combined with HP iPAQ handheld computer use, non-radioactive, radiation safety than marble. A variety of optional filters. Are available for immediate transfer, reading, whose main component is a micro X-ray tube and high-resolution detectors. The detector using the IEC standards, internal corporate standards.

Smart beam (SmartBeam) technology: the U.S. portable copper alloy analyzer INNOV-X ALPHA-2000 smart beam (SmartBeam) the expertise of both the X-ray tube, and multi-beam filtering technology, copper alloy analyzer to achieve extraordinary stability, detection speed and service life and has excellent potential for escalation. Intelligent analysis, including thin strips of welding points, joints, corner so that it automatically compensates for irregular or very small sample test. Optional smart-beam technology, Ti, V accuracy up to 0.05-0.5%.

Complex alloy grade identification: copper alloy analyzer can be used to identify thousands of different alloy grades. The standard library contains 250 alloys, users can customize the 300 alloy under the common name of a variety of alloys, of unified standard number (UNS), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Number (ASME), as well as military specification various attribute retrieval .

State-of-the-art PDA technology:

Alpha Series Plastic analyzer using a separate PDA replacement, repair, easy to upgrade, Microsoft Windows CE operating system, user-friendly, flexible, scalable, Chinese software, data is immediately apparent, color display, data line communication, Bluetooth wireless communication, SD communications card, CF card communication, EXCEL format output in, TXTL format output, high-capacity SD cards, high-capacity CF card, 128M standard memory, upgradeable to 1Gb flash memory cards.

INNOV-X ALPHA-2000 Alloy Analyzer main functions:

-can be used for detecting carbon in the chromium content, the detection accuracy can be achieved to the content of 0.03% - and used to evaluate the flow rate for the type corrosion (FAC).
-can be adapted to the detected temperature of up to 800 F.
-can be used for the analysis of iron-base alloys, nickel base alloys, cobalt base alloys, copper base alloys, titanium base alloys, mixed alloy.
-can be very sure to identify a variety of complex alloys, for example, 304 and 321, P91 with 9 chromium, seven titanium and titanium.
-6061/6063 aluminum alloy has a remarkable ability to identify and analyze the effect.

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