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Fujikura CT-30A Cleaver

Fujikura CT-30A Cleaver

Fujikura CT-30A Cleaver

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    * Small size, lightweight, and easy handling
    * Applicable up to 12-fibre ribbon cleaving
    * Fibre collector equipped as standard
    * 2-action operation including fibre scrap collection
    * Operation: Push back blade -> Set fibre -> Close body
    * Blade speed and anvil speed are mechanically controlled
    * Blade is common to CT-20 series cleavers
    * 16 rotating positions, 3 height positions
    * Blade life is same as CT-20 series cleavers, 48,000 cleaving

The Cleaver Process

The Cleaver Process


Type of CleaverNew ModelCompositionCurrent Model
Single fibre cleaver, 6 to 20mm cleaving CT-30A CT-30 + AD-30A CT-20-12
Single fibre cleaver, 16mm cleaving CT-30B CT-30 + AD-30B CT-20-11
Ribbon fibre cleaver CT-30 - CT-20
Short length cleaver, 8 to 10mm cleaving CT-30   CT-22
80um fibre cleaver CT-38 - CT-28


Type of Adaptor plateNew ModelCurrent Model
2 grooves for 0.25mm & 0/9mm fibres, 6 to 20mm cleaving AD-30A AD-12
From 0.25mm to 0.9mm fibre, 16mm cleaving AD-30B AD-11



    * Dimensions (W x D x H) 69mm x 82mm x 41mm (2.7 x 3.2 x 1.6)
    * Weight 180g (0.4 lbs)
    * Blade lifetime 48,000 fiber cleaves (4,000 12-fiber cleaves)
    * Cleave angle capability typically <0.5


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