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Stonex S10 GPS GNSS Receiver

Stonex S10 GPS GNSS Receiver

Stonex S10 GPS GNSS Receiver

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Stonex S10 GPS GNSS Receiver

Brand New with 1 Year Warranty

STONEX S10, the most advanced integrated GNSS Receiver ever appeared on the geomatic scene, leads to a new generation of smart and open GPS, where the User has the ability to install customized applications directly on the receiver.
The main structure of S10 is built with magnesium alloy material, making it strong, smart, light and eye-catching.

The sophisticated internal structure design guarantees a compact housing, optimizing performances and power consumption.

The Auxiliary Inertial System, including Tilt Centering and Electronic Bubble measurement methods, improves the surveying efficiency and facilitates the positioning in some special sites, such as corners, pipelines, edges of walls, etc.

High-speed mobile data connection capability ensures a very low latency in differential data transmission.

To initialize, manage, monitor the settings of the receiver and to download data using portable or fixed PC, smart phone or tablet with Wifi capability.

Stonex S10 is based on CORTEX-A8 platform with on board LINUX smart system combined with an excellent networking system. The system will include smart services like Cloud access and Triple data safe-guard.

The power level can be checked from the controller and directly from a simple led bar.

For operations in various kinds of extremely tough environments.

Stonex S10 Receiver, is a GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU. It has 220 Chanels , WCDMA, Internal Radio (UHF), TX/RX 410-470MHz, WIFI, and Bluetooth. Standard package (original price $10,464) includes:

  • 2x BP-4S, Lithium-Ion battery for receiver S10, 11.1V, 3400mAh  (30-350170)
  • 1x CH-02, Charger for battery BP-4S (30-350171)
  • 1x PSAA30R-150, Adaptor for battery charger CH-02, 15V, 2A (30-350172)
  • 1x QT0822D-S, Antenna for GPRS/CDMA2000/WCDMA module, SMAJ connector (30-350174)
  • 1x QR-1, quick release (30-350179)
  • 1x H1, Height measuring plate (30-350176)
  • 1x PG25CM, Glass fiber mounting pole  (30-350177)
  • 1x STJ13-B, Tribrach [metal, three jaws, black] (30-010010)
  • 1x STL10-B, Adaptor [metal, three screws, with optical plummet, black] (30-020005)
  • 1x LM.GK205.ABL, Multi-port link cable between receiver S9III and PC or controller  (30-350059)
  • 1x BR-1, MINI rotary table  (30-350178)
  • 1x YPCC3S10, Carrying case for S10, plastic, yellow [35x47x18 cm] (30-350180)
  • 1x QT450E, All-direction antenna, Freq.=410-470MHz, SMAJ connector (30-350173)

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