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Topcon Hiper Lite GPS for Surveying

Topcon Hiper Lite GPS for Surveying

Topcon Hiper Lite GPS for Surveying

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Topcon Hiper Lite GPS for Surveying

This unit is fully calibrated in our service shop and comes with certificate of calibration. Item includes one month free warranty. We also offer exchange or full refund for this instrument. If there is ever a problem with the instrument we have over 500 different total stations in stock. We can replace it for the same item or a better option

The Hiper Light units are coming with two chargers and cables, one power cable extension, one alligator battery clip, a nine pine data cable, a USB cable, manuals, Tribrach and adaptor, A case and rover pole.

The units are dual frequency L1,L2, I HTZ RTK with advance multipath reduction. They are upgraded to the latest firmware and have been tested at a mile for RTK surveying.  They have Bluetooth so you can have cable free communication between receiver and data collector. Your FC-100 and 1000 units have this capability but you will need to install a Bluetooth card.  We can sell them to you for maybe $125.00 but you can find these at an office supply. The data collector settings would need to be changed; this is something that a user can do in the field so it is not hard.

There is no memory on these units as it is not standard.  It can be upgraded over the internet for your cost of $400.00 a recover for 4 MG. list is $500.00.  Very few people have use memory anymore.

Glonass is the Russian satellite system which is a supplement to the US GPS system.  What it does is give the user more Satellites to use and in an area of limited coverage you might be able to get a solution.  Think of building or trees blocking part of the horizon reducing available satellites.  Up until about a year ago Topcon was the only real provider of GPS and Glonass receivers.  Since then both Leica and Trimble have started introducing units with Glonass capability. This has been a slow process for them and not all receivers are sold with Glonass regardless of brand.

Included on sale:

  • Topcon Hiper Lite GPS Base and Rover
  • Topcon Chargers
  • Topcon Battery
  • Original carrying case
  • Owner’s Manual
  • 2x Airlink Raven Radio's

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