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South NTS-372R Win-CE Total Station

South NTS-372R Win-CE Total Station

South NTS-372R Win-CE Total Station

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Features :

-Windows CE Operating System
-Color Touch Screen: 3.2 inches extremely large LCD display of 240x320dpi, shows a large amount of information at a time, makes the measuring operation easy and clear. You can intuitionally launch data storing, manipulating and exchanging with PC based on Windows platform.
-Convenient Data Communication
-Upload/download data via SD card or miniUSB cable transfer
-Absolute Encoding Disk
-With absolute encoding disk, you can start your work directly as the instrument is powered on. Azimuth angle will be saved even if the power is off incidentally in the job.
-Laser Path Diagram
-Dual Axis Compensation
-Circuit Diagram
-Upgraded Mainboard
-Using different main board for angle measurement and distance measurement, more simple and reasonable structure, easy maintaining.
-DustProof & Waterproof: Ip55


Distance Measurement(20km visible normal condition)
_ Reflectorless: 300m
_ 1 Prism: 5.0Km
_ 3 Prism: 6.0Km
_ Mini Prism: 800m
Accuracy: Reflectorless 5mm+3ppm Reflector 2mm+2ppm
Reading: Maximum: 99999999.9999 m; Minimum: 0.1mm
Measure Time:
_ Reflectorless: Fine mode:<1.2s; Tracking mode: <0.5s
_ Reflector: Fine mode:<1.2s; Tracking mode: <0.5s IR sheet mode: <1.2s
Atmospheric Correction: Auto correction
Prism Correction: Auto correction

Angle Measurement
Measuring Method: Absolute code
Raster Diameter: 79mm
Min Display Unit: 1"/ 5" Selectable
Accuracy: 2"
Detection Method:Horizontal: Dual; Vertical: Dual

Image: Erect
Tube Length: 154mm
Effective Aperture: 45mm (EDM:50mm)
Magnification: 30x
Field of view: 130
Minimum Focusing Distance: 1m
Resolving Power: 3"

Auto Compensator
System: Dual axis Liquid-electric
Work Range: 3
Accuracy: 1"

Plate Vial: 30"/2mm
Circular Vial: 8/2mm

Optical Plummet
Image: Erect
Magnification: 3x
Focusing Range: 0.5m ? ?
Field of View: 5

Type:3.2inches LCD, Touch screen

Computer Unit
On-Board: WindowsCE.NET English operaion system
Processor: SAMSUNG S3C3410 32-bit risc microprocessor
Memory: RAM 64M ROM 64M

On-board Battery
Power Supply: Rechargeable Ni-H battery
Voltage: DC 7.2V
Continuous Operation Time: 8hrs (NB-25), 10hrs (NB-25C)

Size & weight
Dimension: L200H350W190 mm
Weight: 6.0kg

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