• Leica GNSS System 900 Base and Rover

Leica GNSS System 900 Base and Rover

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RTK base + rover - GPS + GLONASS - RTK baseline up to 5 km - Position update 0.2s

Geodetic dual-frequency RTK GNSS System Leica 900 (base and rover), consisting of 2 GNSS antennas ATX900GG (GPS + GLONASS), terminal RX900C, radio modems and accessories. Very good condition. Firmware version 7.53. Position update: 5Hz (0.2s), RTK baselines up to 5km. Year of manufacturing: 2007. Easy, intuitive setup and operation. Wireless Bluetooth communication between terminal and antennas, as well as between terminal and pc. Data storage on CompactFlash-card (slot is in the terminal's battery compartment).

Applications: setup reference, free station, survey, stakeout, reference line, volume calculation, RoadRunner, calc. coordinate system, COGO, alignment tool kit.

Included on sale:

1. Base:

  • GNSS antenna ATX900GG
  • Radio modem GFU14 / Satelline 3ASm
  • Radio antenna
  • Tribrach GDF112 with optical plummet
  • antenna carrier GRT146 with 5/8''-screw
  • Height hook GZS4
  • GHT58, tripod bracket for GFU14
  • GEV205, Y-cable, connects antenna ATX900GG with radio modem and external battery

2. Rover:

  • GNSS antenna ATX900GG
  • Terminal RX900C
  • Radio modem GFU14 / Satelline 3ASm
  • Radio antenna
  • GHT56, holder for terminal and radio modem
  • GHT52, clamp
  • GEV173, 1.12m cable, connects antenna ATX900GG to terminal RX900C
  • GEV161, USB cable, connects terminal RX900C or antenne ATX900C to a pc
  • CompactFlash memory card
  • 3 batteries GEB211

3. General:

  • Hard case
  • Manuals (CD ROM, pdf)
  • External battery
  • charger
  • GPS-pole
  • Tripod

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Leica GNSS System 900 Base and Rover

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