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Sumitomo Model TYPE-Z1C Fusion Splicer

Sale includes : Sumitomo Model TYPE-Z1C Splicer Machine Cooling Tray FC-6S Ultra High Precision Fi..


Sumitomo Type 25ES Splicer Kit with Cleaver FC-6S

The new Type-25e TomCats incorporate all the features, functions, and proven reliability of the Typ..


Sumitomo Type 39 Fusion Splicer Kit

Features:-RoHS Compliant-Dual Independent Splice Protection Heaters-5.6 Switchable Color Monitor fo..


Sumitomo Type 39 Fusion Splicer Kit

Includes :-Sumitomo Model TYPE-39 Splicer Machine-Dual Heaters-FC-6S Ultra High Precision Fiber Cle..


Sumitomo Type-25ES Kit-3 Fusion Splicer USA Model

Features: Dual Camera Splice Loss Estimation 60 Splice & Heat Shrinks per Battery Charge Multiple ..


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