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Leica Total Station

Leica Piper 200

Includes :-Piper 200 Laser with Carrying Case and 6" / 150mm feet-IR Remote Control-Target Assembly..


Leica SR530 GPS L1 L2 RTK Base and Rover Survey

  This set up is in very good condition tested and ready to go to work. This system is 100% percent..


Leica TCR407 Total Station Reflectorless

Features : - Graphical display - Reflectorless measuring - Endless fine drive - Laser plummet - Dua..


Leica TCR705 5" Reflectorless Total Station

The TCR705 Total Station offers everything you can expect from a surveying instrument: precision, r..


Leica TCR705 Total Station

Magnification: 30XImage: ErectAngle accuracy: 5/1 mgonAngle minimum display reading: 1Distance meas..


Leica TCR805 Power R400 Total Station

The new TPS800 is a true workhorse for all professionals who require an instrument that is easy to ..


Leica TCRA 1101+ Total Station Robotic RCS PRISM GPH1

This is a full set-up.  included in this sales are: Tcra 1101+ total station Battery Charger Case ..


Leica TCRA 1103 Plus Robotic Total Station

This Total Station is equipped with the Reflectorless Extended Range and the Power Search which mak..


Leica TCRA1105 plus 5" Robotic Total Station

Spesifications :Magnification: 30XImage: ErectAngle accuracy: 5/1.5 mgonAngle minimum display readi..


LEICA TCRP 1205 Robotic Total Station

Includes: (1) Leica 737468 TCRP1205 R300 Robotic Total Station (1) Leica 733261 RX1220T Controller ..


Leica TCRP1201 R300 Robotic Total Station

Features : Choice of Controller and operating software: RX1250TC with SmartWorx or Leica SurvCE, CS..


Leica TCRP1202 R300 Total Station

Includes:-Leica   TCRP1202 2" R300 Robotic Total Station-Allegro CX Data Collector w/ Carlson SurvC..


Leica TCRP1203 robotic total station R300

Includes : (1) Leica TCRP1203 R300 3" Robotic Total Station (1) Allegro CE RCS with Integrated Radi..


Leica TCRP1203 robotic total station R300 EXC

Includes : (1) Leica TCRP1203 R300 3" Robotic Total Station (1) Allegro CE RCS with Integrated Rad..


Leica TM30 Monitoring Total Station

Buildings and dams settle, bridges flex and vibrate, rock masses shift, mud slides, glaciers flow a..


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