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About Us

We are established in 2009 and goes worldwide in 2013 and after 5 years experienced, in 2014 we are goes ONLINE on Worldwide Internet.

We are offering all kind of Surveying Equipment, GPS, Analyzer, Scanners and Level Surveying.

All product in three part condition : New, Used and Demo Condition.

Price is lower and giving you fast shipment with full insurance.

We sell all surveying equipment, such as Leica, Topcon, Trimble , Sokkia, GPS, 3D surveying etc. In addition, we carry a wide variety of additional surveying products from preferred suppliers.

The markets we serve include a wide range of services including industry, government, regional development, oil and gas, minerals, and certification system, the environment, agriculture, and management outsourcing. Through experience in various fields, we have built up extensive knowledge in business processes enables us to provide services that meet the specific needs of our service users.

We have a lot to develop and provide a wide range of surveying services, inspection and advisory services to our customers, both the central government, local government, state owned enterprises, and private enterprises. We continue to innovate new services with the support of technology so as to give added value to customers.

These innovative services have benefited accordingly and contribute to its strategic national interests in the long term. Surveyor Indonesia headquarters in Jakarta and has 6 branches and several units of work areas throughout Indonesia, providing services both in the domestic market and abroad

At this time, not all of our products are listed, so if there is something you need that you do not see on our site, please contact us.

We have a specialized team of trained technicians and sales staff which will advise you on the right survey instrument for the job.

Please explore our product list and we are happy to assist you.

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